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15 Outdoor Living Must-Haves in Florida

Florida, with its year-round sunshine and lush landscapes, is a haven for outdoor living enthusiasts. Whether you’re a longtime Florida resident or a newcomer to the Sunshine State, there’s no denying the allure of the great outdoors here. But to truly make the most of Florida’s beautiful climate and natural surroundings, you need the right outdoor living must-haves.

If you’re setting up an outdoor space in Florida, consider these must-have elements to make the most of your environment:

With Florida’s abundant insect life, especially mosquitoes, a screened-in lanai or porch will allow you to enjoy the outdoors without the pesky bites.

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These are essential for staying cool during the hot months. They also help in keeping mosquitoes and other flying insects at bay.

3. Pool or Spa

With the Florida heat, a pool or spa can provide refreshing relaxation. Ensure there’s shade nearby to protect from the midday sun.

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An outdoor grill, prep station, and perhaps even a pizza oven can be great additions. Florida’s climate allows for year-round grilling.

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5. Weather-Resistant Furniture

Outdoor furniture must be durable and resistant to Florida’s weather. Given the state’s occasional heavy rains and high humidity, the furniture should resist mildew and rust.

Even though Florida is known for its warmth, the evenings can be cooler in the winter months. A fire pit creates a cozy ambiance and can be a focal point for gatherings.

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Think about installing retractable awnings, pergolas, or large umbrellas to protect against Florida’s intense sun.

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Native plants will thrive in Florida’s climate and are more resistant to pests. They are also low-maintenance.

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Landscape lighting, pathway lights, and ambient lighting for seating areas can extend the usability of your outdoor space into the evening.

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Fountains or waterfalls can provide a calming ambiance, mask traffic noise, and help cool the surroundings.

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11. Outdoor Showers

Especially if you’re close to the beach, an outdoor shower can be a game-changer to rinse off sand and salt.

12. Hammock or Swing

There’s nothing like a gentle swing or lie-down in a hammock on a breezy Florida afternoon.

13. Insect Repellent Solutions

Consider incorporating citronella candles, torches, or even a misting system to keep bugs away.

14. Hurricane Preparedness

Given Florida’s susceptibility to hurricanes, ensure your outdoor items are either anchored or easy to store. Roll-down hurricane shutters or screens can be useful.

15. Durable Decking

If you’re considering a deck, materials like composite are ideal as they resist warping, fading, and insect damage.

Remember, the key to a successful outdoor space in Florida is to blend comfort with durability, ensuring that everything can withstand the elements while still offering a relaxing and inviting environment.

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