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A Change in Landscape by Design

Looking out over a lush, green lawn on a balmy afternoon should be enough. It’s healthy and perfectly manicured, but you know it can be more than just a well-kept yard. Your grounds deserve special treatment, so consider a change in scenery with the art of architectural landscaping. Whether you go with traditional grace or make a grand splash, these transformations will redefine your great outdoors.

Make the Old Beautifully New

Build new spark around your evenings with a fire pit that adds warmth to the patio while it complements the surrounding landscape. Install a lovely trellised gazebo in the backyard, and adorn it with climbing vines to create a peaceful and personal retreat. Put an extra splash into poolside fun with a waterfall that bubbles up from the bougainvilleas. Combining architectural features with the natural beauty around your home results in a wonderful mix of smart function and pure aesthetics. The new sights, sounds, and fragrances transform old and familiar spaces into welcoming outdoor destinations.

Pave Fresh Paths With Hardscapes

A stroll through the garden shouldn’t soak your shoes after a good rain or wear a tired trail in your healthy grass. Ordinary sidewalks solve both problems, but cobblestone or travertine pavers lay out lovely lanes for daily walks. Brick steps take the roll out of sloping lawns and offer safe footing that blends beautifully with flagstone pathways. Retaining walls built with natural stone define sight lines while they establish graceful terracing. Hardscaping features help control drainage, address elevation problems, and prevent erosion.

Change Water Into Special Features

The soft sounds of gently splashing garden fountains always evoke a sense of tranquility. With styles ranging from classic pedestals to contemporary sculpture, these serene installations are at home anywhere in the front or backyard. Cascading waterfalls complement expansive grounds and set a soothing scene tucked in the niche of a patio corner. Peaceful koi ponds establish ecosystems that flourish with dragonflies and water lilies. Architectural landscaping turns these water features into unique jewels that enhance your property’s beauty and increase its value.

Turn on the Best Light

A professionally designed view deserves to be seen after dark, and landscape lighting illuminates your favorite plantings while it accents areas for relaxing and entertaining. Twinkling strands of LED lights let you enjoy stars in the treetops all year round. The patio and pool extend their invitations well into the evening when they’re bathed in the welcoming radiance of discreetly arranged fixtures. From the soft beacon of path lights to the dramatic radiance of spotlights, outdoor lighting spreads a special glow that enhances your home with an extra layer security after the sun goes down.

Transforming your lovely lawns and gardens into showcase scenery involves more than cultivating the best grass and nurturing your favorite flowers. While you picture all the exciting possibilities that surround your home, reflect on the beautiful advantages of professional architectural landscaping. An artistic touch always creates a lasting difference. When you’re ready to make changes in your landscape, do it by design.