Why a Consultation?

In designing a landscape or an outdoor living area, it is important that we design according to your lifestyle, personality, and desires. Designing a landscape or outdoor living area is an art, and without knowing what colors we have to work with and the canvas in which to put the colors on, we would be designing in the dark. Email or call us today to set up your design consultation.

$50.00 refundable deposit required for all Initial Consultations.

Matthew Lombardo, owner and operator of Lombardo Landscaping and Water Features, Inc., has a passion for landscape design. At Lombardo Landscaping, we know that the designs we create must reflect the personality, character and presence of you and your home. Matt always personally consults with his clients at their location, so he can get to know them and get a feel for the character and impression the client wants to make with their project.

After this initial meeting and discussion, we will create a landscape design to your specifications and then meet with you again to finalize and customize the concept. Following this consultation, we will provide you with an estimate for completing the work. If an agreement is made we will apply the $50.00 initial consultation fee to the cost of the project. If you would prefer not to have a consultation, please fill out and upload photos to the online design form and we will waive the $50 fee. But it should be noted that being at your home in person is much better than looking at photos of your home when it comes to landscape design.

More from Matt: “I’ve traveled and studied gardens in Europe and South America, including Ecuador, which is known for the prettiest flowers, and Italy, known for their famous and elegant gardens… let me bring my passion and enthusiasm for creating beautiful landscapes into your home’s design”.